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One50 Dance classes operate during SA school terms.

Hip Hop/Street dance class
1 hour or 45min class = Term pass & casual class pass options (see below)

Hip Hop/Street dance Extended Classes
45 minute class taken in conjunction with another club class.

Advanced Crew Hip Hop/Street dance Class
*Invitation Only
1-1.5 hour class = Semester Fees applies

Discipleship Team
*Invitation Only
2 hour sessions = Semester Fees applies

Competition Crews
*Invitation Only
1.5 hour class = Semester Fees applies

** Standard classes for the third and consecutive dancer from the same household are half price!! (In this case the 50% discount will override any early bird discounts)

** There are strictly no refunds or credits for any payments made. 

** All transactions are processed in Australian Dollars (AUD)

Note that Casual Fee is for class payments made at the club where a $2 admin fee is required.


Weeks 1 hour class Early Bird 45 min class Early Bird

11 Weeks 

(Tuesday & Thursday Clubs)

$165.00 $148.50 $132.00 $118.80



10 Weeks

(Monday Clubs)

$150.00 $135.00 $120.00 $108.00

10 Weeks

(Tuesday - Thursday Clubs)

$150.00 $135.00 $120.00 $108.00

8  Weeks

(Monday Clubs)

$120.00 $108.00 $96.00 $86.40

10 Weeks

(All Clubs)

$150.00 $135.00 $120.00 $108.00

9 Weeks

(All Clubs)

$135.00 $121.50 $108.00 $97.20

How to enrol?

One50 uses a system called ClubHub that allows our families to ENROL, PAY & MANAGE your fees online for all classes and crews! This allows us to spend less time & resources in administration and more time doing what we love! It’s important to go to to register your dancer & enrol in your classes. **Note Well** when you sign up to clubhub you will receive a verification email. It is essential for you to open this email and follow the prompts to ensure the enrolment system is fully executed. If you fail to do this you we will have trouble communicating with you & reconciling your account.

How to book into your class?

Once you have signed up then you can go ahead and book into your classes each term by selecting the relevant club, class age group and times. If you are a part of a Crew such as the One50 Dteam, Advanced, Missions or Competition Crew your fees will be added to your account once you have signed up and the term begins.

How to pay?

TERM FEES Classes are booked by the term - term fees are calculated based on the weeks of each term. You can chose to pay for your term of classes by Credit Card or Bank Transfer (you MUST reference your clubhub ID number when using bank transfer otherwise your payment won’t be matched properly to your account. Remember that you might need to allow up to 3 working days for transfers to clear). If you do not want to commit to a term you are still welcome to come along and make a payment for a Casual Class at the front desk of your One50 club. *Note well – a $2 admin fee applies to casual class payments. Casual classes are CASH ONLY - there is no credit card or bank transfers at our club locations as these will be managed through ClubHub.

EARLY BIRD You will need to book and make full payment before the first class to qualify for the early bird rate. *NOTE WELL* The Early Bird rate finishes at midnight the day before your first class is scheduled.

THIRD CHILD DISCOUNT There is a 50% discount on 3rd and subsequent dancers from the same household. Please email to request the adjustment of your fees.


One50 understands that there may be genuine and extreme financial hardship resulting in failure to make payment. Therefore One50 has established a FINANCIAL HARDSHIP FUND to work with our students & families who are in such situations. To apply for funding to assist with your fees please email *PLEASE NOTE – all financial hardship arrangements have a negotiated timeframe and do not rollover.


One50 Dance is now a Sports Voucher Provider! Primary school age children from Reception to Year 7 may be eligible to claim a Sports Voucher for a $100 per calendar year off their Club fees. Please note it can only be used for one club sport per child. For more information on sports vouchers and eligibility please visit

One50 will submit & process completed sports vouchers on behalf of any eligible registered dancer for 2019. Once the funds come in we will allocate it to your One50 account.

*Sports Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts.



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